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green energy solution

Kiosk Mode: A Green Energy Solution for Modern Businesses

Kiosk mode brings several benefits for businesses, however, many businesses don't realize how this can benefit them in contributing to a better tomorrow!
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android guided access

Guided Access for Android: How to Embrace it With CubiLock

Leverage guided access for Android with CubiLock, manage multiple Android devices and utilize it for dedicated purposes with guided access.
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automating IT tasks

Automating IT Tasks: Apps for Configuration and Deployment

Simplify IT operations with automated tasks. Boost efficiency, reduce errors, and free up time for strategic initiatives. Embrace automation with CubiLock!
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benefits of geofencing

The Benefits of Geo-Fencing in Device Management Solutions

Geofencing helps businesses to keep track of their devices, IT admins can easily set restrictions and can get alerts based on the geofencing…
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