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whitelisting wifi

The Ultimate Guide: How to Whitelist Your Wi-Fi Network

Whitelist wifi right when you set up devices. With CubiLock's device management feature, secure your devices 24/7!
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block chatgpt

Need to Block ChatGPT for Students? Here’s How You Can Do It!

Need to temporarily block ChatGPT so that students don't cheat? Do it with a simple click with CubiLock's website blacklisting feature!
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pos software for restaurant

Ensure Secure Implementation of POS Software for Restaurant

Considering POS software for restaurant? This blog might help you in finalizing the POS software! With CubiLock, you can even publish POS app…
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google pixel for work

Unleash the Power of Pixel Tablet for Work with CubiLock EMM

Utilizing Pixel tablets for business can bring in better efficiency and productivity, especially when managing them all with an EMM solution like CubiLock!
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