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  • March 30, 2022
track enterprise smartphones and tablets

A Global Positioning System or GPS is a navigation tool that is used to provide location and time data of any place on earth for air, land, and sea travel. GPS tracking is an emerging technology that has been put to use by numerous businesses around the world to expand their capabilities. This technology isn’t just limited to the transportation industry but applicable in almost any industry that deploys enterprise mobile devices and kiosks. How?

Let us elaborate, 

A GPS technology is much more than a dotted map on your handheld device. Sure, it tells you the best possible route to reach your destination, the exact time taken to achieve that, and the roadblocks that you need to avoid en route. It keeps managers, employees, and customers posted about the whereabouts of goods and services and ensures they are delivered at the right time, in the right place, to the right person. GPS has grown to prominence and is heavily used all around the world for this use case. However, this isn’t all that there is to GPS tracking. Its benefits go beyond the generic applications and would profit businesses, in the long run, to understand this valuable technology in its broad sense. 

Here are some key benefits of GPS tracking for businesses:

  • Lower your fuel costs

Fuel has become an overpowering expense for businesses with its constant surge in prices. Cutting costs in fuel can be a huge competitive advantage to fleet owners and GPS tracking has proven to be effective in that effort. With GPS tracking, concrete data is available to owners about the whereabouts of the vehicles. This discourages unauthorized vehicle use for unintended purposes or personal use. Area, time, and even calendar-related restrictions can be imposed which alerts management when vehicles leave a predetermined virtual area boundary or are used at a prohibited time or day. 

Along with that, GPS tracking allows management to monitor how the vehicles are being operated on the road. Speeding, harsh driving, mishandling, constant brakes, harsh acceleration, and other aggressive or poor driving behaviors can be condemned and controlled to avoid fuel inefficiency, higher maintenance cost, and increased risk of accidents. 

Fuel expense can be significantly reduced with route planning where the most direct, shortest, and most efficient routes can be mapped out. It saves time, effort, and fuel money which keeps both your business and your customers happy. 

  • Manage your mobile assets

The enterprise mobility drive has increased the mobile assets of businesses. There is an urgency to secure, manage and control mobile assets such as vehicles, equipment, and mobile devices all the same. GPS technology is the most ideal strategic approach to tracking your mobile assets. Enterprises are alerted when mobile assets leave a predetermined area so that quick actions can be taken to avoid vehicle or device theft or misplacement.

Lost or stolen devices can be easily tracked, unusual activities can be identified and location or device usage can also be retrieved with a GPS system. Location tracking helps recover assets with zero hassles and saves businesses from data loss, replacement costs, and other financial repercussions. 

  • Retrieve real-time data and reports

GPS not only provides location-based data but also collects real-time data that is highly valuable for businesses to cut costs, make informed decisions and increase operational efficiency. 

Real-time data can help diagnose problems, identify roadblocks and help take quick actions, which would otherwise persistently hamper the business. 

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Enterprise devices and kiosks can store huge amounts of data and information, digitalize processes, and share resources remotely. It streamlines workflow, makes it convenient for end-users so that employees can dedicate their focus to other demanding tasks. 

  • Improve safety measures

Added safety risks are always present during transportation so it is a crucial responsibility of fleet owners to devise ways to create a safe environment for workers. GPS tracking encourages safe driving practices by tracking driver behavior, alerting digital maintenance, and inspections. 

This ensures vehicles are run according to the safety protocols of your business and enterprise devices are well-maintained to support drivers to complete their job. GPS tracking gives a full 360-degree view of how vehicles are managed outside corporate premises. They can manage distracted driving, en route problems and red-light violations to better helps build strategies for a safe driving environment for their employees.  

  • Boost productivity

GPS fleet tracking system monitors on-field workers to ensure productivity during work hours. Unsupervised employees can easily deviate from their job at hand and indulge in wasteful activities. When devices and vehicles are constantly tracked and updated there is less room for employee inefficiency.

Likewise, with digitalizing operational processes, efficiency is increased and workflow can move quickly and easily which directly boosts productivity. 

GPS tracking is available everywhere today from air to land to sea. It helps manage, control, maintain and track business assets. It allows you to trace your vehicles on the go-to goods in your warehouses to the employee in your office. It alerts unwanted activities and prevents theft and loss. It retrieves real-time location, enables fleet management, and promotes safe driving behaviors. It can help identify routes, automate processes and remotely troubleshoot problems. To reap the benefits of GPS tracking technology, you need to be aware of what it entails and how you can use it to achieve your business goals.

Steps to get accurate location of enrolled devices in CubiLock:

  1. Sign up and enroll your Android devices OR login to the CubiLock portal.
  2. Navigate to Devices > Device Profiles in the left-hand corner.
  3. Select any device profile you wish to work with.
  4. Click on Edit. The Edit button is available on the extreme right corner of your screen.
  5. Next, go to Android kiosk mode Settings and Scroll down to Location Settings.
  6. Select location mode for the profile.
track enterprise devices and kiosks
Select location mode to track enterprise devices

CubiLock EMM encapsulates the latest GPS technology to provide all the mentioned benefits and so much more to their clients. Business of any size or industry that is serious about expanding their management capabilities and securing their devices can leverage the GPS tracking system with CubiLock’s easy and user-friendly console.

track enterprise devices

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