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android work profile with cubilock

Android Work Profile: How to Set Up and Maintain Work Profile

Set up Android work profile with CubiLock, create a secure and separate workspace on Android devices that keeps personal and work data and…
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enable call barring on business device

Enable Call Barring Settings on Business Devices With CubiLock

Configure call barring on business devices with CubiLock EMM, manage call barring settings on multiple devices in few simple steps.
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manage hotel tablets

5 Unique Ways to Leverage MDM Solutions in Hospitality

Manage hotel tablets remotely, configure and enroll devices in bulk, know the exact location of each device. Utilize hotel tablets for dedicated purposes.
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mobile content management

What Is Mobile Content Management and What Are Its Features?

CubiLock's mobile content management solution empowers organizations to securely manage and distribute content on mobile devices; deploy applications and files.
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