5 Unique Ways to Leverage MDM Solutions in Hospitality

  • October 5, 2023
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Mobile hospitality is here, and it’s changing everything. Mobile devices have become a key part of the travel experience for most guests. And as a result, hotels are feeling the pressure to adapt accordingly. “Smart Hotels” are taking over the hotel industry which is only increasing this digital craze in consumers. With the rise of mobile hospitality, customers now expect to manage every aspect of their travel experience from a phone or tablet. And they want it all: they want to research and book their trip; they want to check in when they arrive at the hotel; they want access to amenities such as virtual concierge and room service; and, most importantly, they want to be able to share their experience in social media with friends and family back home. They also expect that everything will be ready when they arrive at the hotel—no more waiting for the front desk clerk to print out their booking details so MDM Solutions for Hospitality is required. Not only consumers, but hotel staff have also benefitted from integrated digital hotel systems and automated processes, making front-end and back-end operations quicker and faster and much less tedious.

As a hotelier, you need to be quick enough to meet these expectations if you want to stand your ground in this cut-throat competitive market. There’s no doubt that mobile technology can fulfill the demands of your consumers but there’s also the question that it can be a challenge to make sure your organization is using it in the most efficient way possible.

Mobile device management (MDM) is a godsend for this issue by allowing hotels and other hospitality-related businesses to take control of their mobile enterprise technology and ensure that it is running smoothly.

With the availability of MDM Solutions for hospitality industry, hotels can take control of their enterprise mobile devices by allowing them to manage all of their mobile devices at once. There are many mobile device management solutions that help you to deliver on all of these fronts—and more—with one simple solution that can manage your fleet of devices from a unified console.

5 Ways How MDM Solutions Can Manage Tablets Utilized for Hospitality

Customized Guest Experience

Personalization is the key to creating memorable guest experiences in the hospitality industry. Mobile Device Management for hospitality industry allows hotels to tailor the tablet interface and content to individual guests. Upon check-in, guests can provide information about their preferences and interests, allowing the hotel to customize the tablet’s home screen with relevant content. For instance, a guest who enjoys spa services can have quick access to spa booking options, while a business traveler might have shortcuts to conference room reservations and transportation services. Moreover, MDM can leverage guest data to suggest personalized recommendations. For example, if a guest frequently orders vegetarian dishes, the tablet can suggest vegetarian options from the room service menu or even provide information about nearby vegetarian restaurants.

Customization extends to language preferences as well. International travelers will appreciate the ability to switch between languages on the tablet interface, ensuring they can access information and services in their preferred language, further enhancing their stay. Additionally, MDM Solutions for Hospitality can provide guests with local information such as nearby attractions, restaurants, and cultural events, making it easier for guests to explore the area.

Remote Management Of Devices

When you’re managing hundreds of devices across your property, it can be hard to keep up with them all. Unorganized deployment of mobile devices can quickly burden the IT team to manage each and every device. 

That’s why hotel MDM solutions are so important—they help you manage your devices remotely, easily, and efficiently, improving staff and hotel guest experience. MDM Solutions for Hospitality provide a user-friendly console through which you can take control of your devices, push enterprise apps, overview device status, and configure policies, all from one place. 

From clerks to receptionists to bartenders to chefs to room service staff, every department has very unique work profile that doesn’t match the other, hence their job requirements and demands also vary greatly. MDM solution helps push different policies and controls on different devices as per their needs, creating a personalized device that caters to them. 

Push Hotel Apps

MDM Solutions for Hospitality facilitates remote app management to help hoteliers navigate the popularity of hotel apps in recent years. This allows the IT team to deliver apps to devices geographically all across the hotel chain over the air. 

Moreover, hotel apps and in-house apps can be pushed onto devices, access to unwanted apps can be restricted and device settings can be locked, ensuring that these devices are used for specific purposes in kiosk mode by the hotel guests and staff. 

In-room tablets can be locked in android kiosk mode, displaying only the apps required for room services, ordering, and bookings. The devices can be unlocked from the MDM console at any time. This way, apps can be installed, updated, removed, and managed remotely across all devices uniformly. 

Data Security 

Using a MDM Solutions for Hospitality for data security and management helps lessen the likelihood of costly situations involving data theft and breaches. Hotels can utilize mobile device management to protect guests’ personal information, prevent hackers from infiltrating the network, and entirely wipe data from stolen or unauthorized devices.

The security of digital networks and guest data has been a topic of concern for most hoteliers and the MDM solution has been the perfect answer for this. MDM Solutions for Hospitality can significantly enhance hotel security, reduce device theft, and protect the device from network vulnerabilities, malware, malignant hackers, etc. It also provides security policies such as real-time location tracking, active device monitoring, factory reset protection, and device encryption and authentication.

Remote Troubleshooting

It is not viable for hotel staff to run to the IT admins whenever they come across technical issues or glitches. Hotel management is a time-sensitive job, where one bottleneck can delay multiple operations at once. In this scenario, the MDM solution facilitates hotel devices with remote troubleshooting. Its admins can remotely diagnose and debug malfunctioning mobile devices for employees and guests on the go. IT admins can take over and fix bugs and issues easily with minimal system downtime. 

CubiLock MDM Solutions for Hospitality is an all-in-one device management suit that has been designed to target these pain points of the hotel industry and help them provide top-notch digital services to their guests. It assists the hotel industry with all the discussed points above and much more, helping you manage your smartphones and tablets hassle-free.

MDM Solutions for Hospitality

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