Configure And Manage Rugged Devices For Logistics

  • February 4, 2022
manage rugged devices for logistics

The logistics industry is a dynamic industry that mainly operates on the outdoors then the four walls of a conventional business office. They typically function in harsh environments where fluctuating temperatures of the outside, freezing-cold warehouses, dust, and dirty yards can take a toll on equipment performance and lifespan. Consequently, rugged devices, which include semi- to fully ruggedized laptops, tablets, mobile computers, and handhelds that mostly run on Android OS are growing exponentially in the logistics industry to ensure connectivity throughout the supply chain, even in accident-prone environments. The growing popularity of rugged devices in logistics can be credited to their expansive capabilities and functionalities. It has a longer lifespan than your average consumer device, can withstand many weather transitions,  has a readable display in direct sunlight, comes with a built-in barcode scanner, is shatterproof, and is shock-resistant while working with heavy machinery. Rugged devices can stand the harsh logistics environment once it steps out of the warehouse to be connected and stay connected throughout the procurement, product management, and delivery process. Although a consumer device might seem like the most economical and ideal option, considering lifecycle, the cost of breakages, device downtime, maintenance, constant repairs, and unproductive staff time, a rugged device often comes out as the most ideal option, whether economically or feature-wise. 

However, it is crucial to manage these outdoor pocket-sized devices as they play a leading role in managing and connecting the supply chain and logistics processes. Businesses can only truly take advantage of the benefits rendered by the rugged devices if they are managed and secured throughout their device lifecycle. No matter how many rugged devices a company deploys, unmanaged technology always proves to be inefficient and ineffective in its pursuits. This is where Mobile Device Management comes to play that facilitates on-site remote collaboration and communication with rugged devices. An MDM approach provides a suite of powerful features that helps enroll, deploy, manage and configure rugged devices to use them to their maximum capacity. 

In this article, we will discuss the importance of configuring and managing rugged devices with a scalable, robust, and reliable MDM solution like CubiLock. 

CubiLock MDM Solution For Rugged Devices

Rugged devices need to be efficiently secured and managed to meet new enterprise challenges. CubiLock brings rock-solid security and dynamic Android features to your rugged device management with:

  • Quick enrollment of devices

The logistics industry has been growing its reliance on rugged devices with the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. Understandably, the cost and scale of deploying MDM solutions seem intimidating to most businesses. Therefore, the logistics businesses require enrollment and configuration of rugged devices that work away from the corporate office to be automated or low-touch. CubiLock offers zero-touch enrollment, QRcode/URL-based enrollment, and IMEI-based enrollment, all of which make onboarding a fleet of devices to MDM a simple and stress-free task.  

  • Provision and manage apps

Upon enrollment, device management of rugged devices in the field needs to be automated or remotely controlled. CubiLock allows IT admins to push Google Play Store apps or Enterprise Store apps that distribute your private apps or business apps to designated devices. It manages the entire lifecycle of apps with app installation, configuration, and updates. Apps can be silently installed or updated at a specific time in the background as the end-user continues with their work. The ability to remotely manage and configure apps of such devices significantly increases uptime and productivity. 

  • Enable Android kiosk mode

CubiLock MDM solution provides the latest Android kiosk mode enabling logistics businesses to whitelist/blacklist apps and websites according to the needs of the business. Unauthorized apps and websites can be blacklisted, which blocks access and installation of these apps on the devices.  It offers :

  1. Single app mode: 

Single-purpose devices can be provisioned as kiosks with the single app mode where the device launches to a particular app after each reboot.

  1. Multi app mode:

Multi app mode allows the devices to stick to a number of apps and whitelisted websites by blocking out the rest. 

The kiosk mode feature is incredibly needed, especially in the logistics industry where the chain of communication is complex. The main issue of distractions caused by these devices at the workplace like drivers streaming videos while driving can be completely avoided with kiosk mode. 

  • Enhance security

Rugged devices usually function outside the four walls of a warehouse or an office where chances of device theft and loss are at an all-time high. To ensure that the devices and the confidential information stored on them remain intact, CubiLock offers Factory Reset Protection (FRP), remote wipe out and passcode policy enforcement. This powerful suite of features protects these devices on the field and also in the case of device theft or loss. It offers device settings customization through the CubiLock dashboard that allows IT admins to have full control of the devices and prevent unwanted or unsafe peripheral devices or networks from connecting to the work intended devices. 

  • Geo-locate devices and remote troubleshoot

Almost all the on-field and frontline workers depend on mobile performance to complete their tasks. Rugged devices support workers in every process hence, logistics businesses cannot afford device downtime, errors, and malfunctions. Device malfunctions and problems can be quickly resolved with CubiLock’s remote diagnosis and seamless troubleshooting. It is impossible for IT personnel to be present everywhere your rugged devices go. With CubiLock, manual troubleshooting devices, and an avalanche of support requests for the IT teams is an issue of the past. 

Remote tracking with a geofence helps businesses to track the location of their devices in real-time which is a useful feature for employees, IT admins, and customers all the same.

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It is essential to incorporate MDM solutions in order to increase efficiency, productivity and reduce costs and potential data risks that come along while working with rugged devices. CubiLock provides a wide array of features that supports rugged devices in complex and remote environments. Regardless of the size of the business, CubiLock has been designed to scale and tailor itself according to the needs and requirements of the specific business.

manage rugged devices for logistics

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