Top Benefits of MDM for Manufacturing Industry?

  • October 11, 2023
mdm for manufacturing and automobile

People in the automotive and manufacturing industry have come to realize the vast influence of Industry 4.0. These businesses relying on digitalization and mobility have only increased in the post-pandemic world. Cloud computing, the Internet of Things (IoT), rugged devices, smartphones, tablets, etc have made our factories more economic, efficient, and less wasteful. The use of mobile devices has been the most lucrative for this industry as it is heavily dependent on numbers and data from its most basic to most complex operations. MDM for manufacturing automated the process, replaced piles of paperwork and physical documents, and enhanced employee performance. Mobilizing the workforce and converting industrial plants into smart factories has been incredible for businesses to survive the competitive market and transitioning global landscape.

With mobility becoming more and more of a priority for industries, integrating a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution has been of utmost importance. A well-thought-out MDM for Manufacturing provides a rock-solid foundation for companies to manage and secure a wide variety of mobile devices that are used for multiple purposes. And without a proper MDM tool in place, the benefits of these devices are hard to attain regardless of how advanced these technologies are.

MDM for Manufacturing Industry

CubiLock is a simplified and effective MDM tool for your business practice that manages, controls, monitors, and secures Android mobile devices from a unified console. For progressive businesses looking to expand their mobility drive and improve productivity, CubiLock is indispensable. The key benefits of MDM for manufacturing and automotive businesses are thoroughly discussed below.

Quick Enrollments Of  Devices

Factory-wide enrollment of devices is the first hurdle that intimidates most business owners to deploy, manage and control their device systems. But with CubiLock, easy bulk enrollments are possible where managers need not bite their teeth when it comes to mobile device deployment and enrollment on a large scale. Devices can be easily enrolled with Android single app mode, Zero-Touch enrollment, QR Code/URL-based enrollment, or IMEI-based enrollment from the cloud, which saves time and effort in enrolling devices. Especially in a factory setting or automotive unit where devices are used, added, and replaced frequently, CubiLock MDM for Manufacturing surely cuts costs and the hassle of integrating device management systems in your business strategy.

Maintenance and Tight Quality Control

Utilizing mobile device management also means automotive factories and manufacturing plants can keep a birdseye view over their machinery and production processes. Smart factories cannot afford long hours of system downtime, technical issues, and malfunctions. CubiLock can run devices for dedicated purposes, monitor device health in real-time, and minimize errors and issues at manufacturing units. Device visibility and information transparency are key factors that ensure high-quality operations and smooth streamlined processes. This keeps a tight check over the quality of production which is crucial for detail-oriented manufacturing and automotive industries.

CubiLock remotely debugs, diagnoses, and troubleshoots problematic devices, making it easier for companies to identify issues beforehand, keep quality standards in check, and ensure device life-cycle longevity. With interruptions lessened and productivity of floor staff enhanced, CubiLock helps maintain brand quality and customer expectations.

Data Analytics and Insights

Data is arguably the most valuable resource for the modern-day company. Mobile technology collects humongous data on a day-to-day basis. This data needs to be simplified,  filtered, and analyzed for a cohesive understanding and reporting for engineers and floor staff. CubiLock MDM enables teams to collect accurate and reliable data that help businesses keep track of inventory, anticipate shortages, read demand and supply fluctuations, notify target quotas, calculate available stock, etc. Furthermore, it converts existing mobile devices into single app devices (enabling kiosk mode) that run enterprise apps and are used as digital signages and data displays 

The manufacturing and automotive industry are inherently data-driven, hence, the data and information collected through these mobile devices keep your business two steps ahead of the game. An MDM for Manufacturing can guide companies to manage and utilize this data to make better decisions and keep a competitive edge.

Secure Data and Devices

CubiLock Android kiosk mode mechanism restricts unwanted apps, websites, and device functionalities and strictly allows work-related apps only. It can convert devices in the warehouse, production, distribution, and across various supply chains into dedicated devices. This way, cybersecurity threats, and data breaches are eliminated providing a safe work environment for workers.

Combine that with geofence technology, password protection, encryption, and remote data wipeout features of CubiLock to provide top-notch security to protect your devices and the data contained within.

App Management and File Distribution

Manufacturing and automotive units are collaborating with various departments in real-time. Floor staff needs to send regular updates, sign important documents, send alerts, and record progress.

CubiLock provides a seamless interface for file sharing and resource distribution in real-time over the air. The admins can push or remove files remotely with zero interaction. MDM platform can also be used to create a secure communication between manufacturers, engineers, marketers, and other involved parties. Alongside, Enterprise apps and store apps can also be distributed remotely. Policy configuration and app updates can be pushed anytime from anywhere making app management effortless.

Final Word

MDM for manufacturing and automotive industry can provide foundational blocks for smart factories, cyber-physical plants, and mobile infrastructure. Quality data is a driving force behind increasing sales revenue and building customer relationship. CubiLock helps manufacturers tackle complex production challenges with valuable data collection in the age of information. The dynamic features of CubiLock are designed to help employees, from the floor staff to engineers take full advantage of technological advancement and automated systems. Utilize the benefits of MDM to achieve quality device management and achieve your business goals.

mdm for manufacturing and automobile

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