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  • June 27, 2022
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IT has become one of the most integral parts of most modern and progressive businesses where they need to manage and secure the mobile devices that run the majority of their day-to-day operations.

But undertaking digitalization is no walk in the park. The job of your IT administrator and teams are getting more demanding and tougher by the day. Proactively looking after all the device-led operations and networks within the company, ensuring overall maintenance of technology and software, and continuously engaging in new projects and innovations all while working one on one with employees to solve IT issues and adopt new advancements is not easy. The burden of managing, securing, and handling all mobile devices manually impedes the productivity of an IT team of any scale that already has an avalanche of support requests to take care of. This might make some businesses believe that hiring a large IT team should do the trick but leaving it single-handedly up to your IT admins to execute device-led operations isn’t viable in the long run.

To adjust to this ever-evolving landscape, Mobile Device Management (MDM) takes over the responsibility of efficient management and deployment of technology, so that your IT team and their resources can be dedicated to new projects and problems without being held back by the same old monotonous affairs.

CubiLock oversees all business-critical policies that are prominent in driving the productivity, performance, and growth of any business. It allows enterprises to push their IT policies and procedures that establish ground rules and guidelines for the use of digital devices and information technology within the organization. It automates strong policies and protocols that ensure corporate devices comply with all business-critical policies and that employees have a streamlined work environment. Cubilock is not only focused on increasing the productivity of IT admins and corporate employees but also on reducing their stress levels when working with mobile devices. So let’s dig deeper to understand how a cloud-based MDM solution can enhance your IT operations with business-critical policies. 

Quick Enrollment Of Devices

Cubilock enrolls all of your fleet of devices and provides straight out-of-the-box deployment options where your IT team no longer has to manually onboard the mobile devices. It speeds up the enrollment process with little to no intervention required from the end-users which saves the valuable time and effort of your IT admins. CubiLock supports:

  • QR-code based enrollment
  • IMEI based enrollment
  • Android-Zero Touch enrollment 

Easy BYOD Integration 

After the crisis of Covid-19, BYOD policies have become the norm in most businesses and their verticals. Companies are rapidly adopting BYOD policies in their business models as it seems financially effective to use employees’ personal devices rather than deploying a corporate-issued device to every personnel. However, it has also created a lot of extra work for your IT admins to ensure these devices are used for their intended purpose. There are many issues that arise from unmanaged BYOD policies, namely device misuse, data breaches, third-party apps, deleting important software, and personal distractions that can be easily handled by having an MDM solution in place.

CubiLock offers containerization that separates the personal data of users from their corporate data. It secures business-critical data and information and provision work-related apps over the air on the devices without having to micro-manage the workers or put blind faith on them to obey company protocols. Remote workers can also enjoy flexibility where they can use their personal devices effectively in a controlled environment during work hours and also as they wish outside work hours.

Device Security Policies

Everyday devices such as smartphones, tablets, and laptops are increasingly being used as dedicated kiosks in many businesses. CubiLock Android kiosk mode mechanism converts your existing mobile devices into kiosks which contributes to increasing productivity and decreasing the workload of the employees. It restricts access to unwanted applications and websites which can distract employees or worse, invite malicious hackers, viruses, and malware into the network system.

Likewise, it offers password authentication, encryption, remote device wipe out, geofence technology, and Factory Reset Policy (FRP) to secure corporate-issued as well as personally owned devices from device loss, data breaches, and cybersecurity threats. This way, you can control how devices are being used right from the Cubilock dashboard. Configuration of these strict security policies protects confidential data and saves your business from hefty financial loss.

App Management  

Time is likely one of the most important assets of any business, especially for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) where time and resources are constricted. That’s why you’ll love CubiLock’s mobile management solution, which uses cloud technologies to make it easy to deploy apps and protect data on handheld devices.CubiLock provisions an app management system from their unified console that allows IT admins to manage, update and push mobile applications remotely. Organizations can install apps from the Google Play Store for public apps or the Enterprise App Store that caters to in-house apps, according to the specific business-critical policies and requirements of your organization.

It enables “over the air” app deployment by creating multiple device profiles and groups for multiple departments and device purposes. It helps deploy separate applications for separate devices and departments, making this a great option for SMBs who want a more streamlined process for creating and editing business profiles.

Remote Diagnosis And Debug

Remote troubleshooting is a life-saver when it comes to ensuring that the business operations run smoothly with minimal interruptions. System failures, device malfunctions, and or even minor technical inconveniences show up on a regular basis when devices are left unmanaged, directly affecting the productivity of employees.

CubiLock facilitates troubleshooting devices remotely without the need for the physical presence of IT admins around the clock. Remote employees can resolve their problems in real-time with ease instead of waiting long hours or losing their work to system downtime.

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With CubiLock, diagnostic checks, scheduled maintenance, and communication with IT admins are always ensured, providing an effective working environment for all employees.

Growth comes at the cost of frequent re-evaluations, changes, and new visions, the same goes for IT policy programs that are put in place within an organization. IT admins often struggle with this when it comes to implementing changes based on policies for their organization, but there’s a way to improve efficiency and ensure compliance: CubiLock EMM!

CubiLock’s EMM helps IT admins manage digital assets and mobility drive a company with ease. Get CubiLock EMM to move past your generic device management capabilities and give your IT team the tool kit to maximize productivity and efficiency. Our simple, feature-packed platform makes it easy for IT to secure confidential data with high degrees of security, and ensure compliance with business-critical policies.

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