Electronic Logging Device: How to Deploy Android Tablet as ELD

  • February 22, 2023
electronic logging device

An electronic logging device (ELD) is a device that is used for logging the driving time, vehicle speed, driver identification, work schedules, mileage, and other important information related to vehicle maintenance, recording accidents, drivers’ hours of service (HOS), and records of duty status (RODS). It helps in the tracking and reporting of vehicles, drivers, and cargo, as well as reducing fuel consumption by tracking miles traveled per gallon on roadways.

Electronic Logging Device is one of the most commonly used devices in today’s commercial fleets. The ELD software or application improves your fleet’s safety and ensures compliance with regulations and HOS rules.

It is an essential part of the transportation and logistics industry.

ELD is required by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Federal Rail Administration (FRA), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and Federal Transit Administration (FTA).

So, Why Do You Need ELD? 

ELD Is a Big Part of the Safety of Your Drivers

Using an ELD helps to ensure that drivers are following the rules. For example, if you are driving in a state where you need to be behind the wheel for at least 8 hours per day and you’re only allowed to take a break for 30 minutes at most, then your ELD will help keep track of how much time has passed since your last break and what work you’ve done since then. This information can be used by employers and freight managers who want to make sure their employees are not breaking any laws or policies related to working hours and breaks.

The device also helps prevent fatigue from affecting drivers on long trips. It allows them to record their current location so that they know exactly where they are when reporting back in after completing their shift–which means there are fewer chances of exhausting your drivers or getting lost along the way.

ELD can also help reduce the cost of driving by monitoring driver errors, which allows drivers to be more productive on the road. The use of an ELD also helps improve safety by providing real-time data on vehicle speed and location, so that it’s easier for drivers to slow down before approaching traffic lights or pedestrians at an intersection. This will significantly reduce accidents involved in collisions caused by driver error.

All Your Paperwork Is With You at All Times

With the ELD application at your fingertips, you don’t have to worry about losing your paperwork. You can access the information at any time, anywhere. It’s not necessary for you to keep record logs, make manual updates or even wait for your paperwork to be mailed to you. You can access receipts, invoices, and any other paperwork all in one place.

You Can Control Fuel Consumption Better

Another benefit is reducing carbon footprints with fewer emissions per mile driven. You can keep records of hours of engine time, distance driven, and fuel consumed by your vehicles. With a climate-conscious business approach, you can simultaneously save operational costs on unwanted wastage of fuel on transportation. 

You Can Track and Report Your Fleet Data in Real-Time

ELD helps employers have real-time access to vehicles, drivers, and cargo data and reports. It tracks and reports vehicle maintenance information such as brake fluid level, tire pressure, cargo weight information, oil change dates, etc. It detects and enables fault reporting and provides quick remedies to improve the overall lifecycle of the vehicle.

Use Your Android Devices As ELD With CubiLock

  1. Sign in to your CubiLock Portal.
  2. Create/edit device profile.
  3. Select the ELD app and choose “kiosk” as Install Type.
  4. Save the settings.
electronic logging device

The benefits of having an ELD on an Android phone or tablet are numerous. As a driver, you can have your ELD on your phone when you are away from the vehicle and still access data and logs at any time. This means that you don’t have to worry about losing paperwork or forgetting to submit it when you complete a task.

As an employer, ELD automates logging all of the data on its own in real-time in a unified platform that gives you access to live data about your fleet’s performance 24/7 without having to wait for hours for manual updates and paperwork from carriers or shippers. 

To facilitate the use of your regular Android devices as ELD, the CubiLock MDM solution provides smart management and agile control over all these devices from a single console. You can enable kiosk mode, which allows you to run only essential apps on the device. This way you can mitigate the risks of drivers misusing the devices while making them easy to use, portable, and cost-saving at the same time. To streamline the use of Android devices as ELD, CubiLock offers:  

Lockdown in Kiosk Mode

The android kiosk mode ensures that mobile devices distributed to employees are only used for their intended purpose. Other features or distractions, such as internet browsing, streaming music or videos, playing games, making personal calls, and so on, can be disabled while only allowing the ELD software and related apps and websites to be used.

With CubiLock, you can enable single app kiosk mode to completely shut off other functions of the Android device and use it to particularly run the ELD application. You can also leverage the multi-app kiosk mode which gives the flexibility to run more than one app on a device. You can set a list of pre-approved apps and provide end-users access to only those apps and websites. This way you can allow drivers access to only relevant apps and device features while blocking the rest.

Centralized Management 

You can gain complete control over your mobile devices from a centralized CubiLock dashboard. It allows you to configure security policies, push applications, update your OS, schedule device maintenance, modify device settings, retrieve reports, and enable file transfer all from one platform.

Remote Troubleshooting 

CubiLock enables remote device troubleshooting where IT managers can effectively tackle device malfunctions or any technical problems on your Android ELD devices without compromising on the tasks of ELD.

Broadcast Messaging

You can connect with your field workers and provide seamless communication with broadcast messaging which opens a one-way communication channel with all your fleet drivers. You can make instant announcements, news, and updates that improve efficiency and team collaboration.

Peripheral Control 

You can also lock down connectivity to unknown or unsafe device peripherals such as Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Camera, Screen Orientation, USB, Audio, GPS, etc. to remove unnecessary exposure or use during work hours. It also disables all hardware buttons (such as the power button or volume buttons) to eliminate attempts to exit kiosk mode or accidental app shutdowns.


The ELD is an essential part of the transportation and logistics industry. It helps to improve safety, control fuel consumption and reduce accidents by keeping track of vehicles, drivers, and cargo. By having your ELD on a smartphone or tablet you can keep all the paperwork with you at all times, making sure that everything is documented properly and easily accessible if needed, and by “easily accessible” we mean literally everything: hours worked; miles driven; fuel consumed.

Utilize the CubiLock MDM solution to simplify your fleet security and compliance with electronic logging devices. Manage, control, and secure your dedicated mobile devices to use them specifically as ELD and nothing more.

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