Streamline Android Smartphones and Tablets for Frontline Workers

  • January 1, 2023
android mdm for frontline workers

Frontline workers are the face of your company or simply put, they are the ones who work directly with customers and clients and have a direct line of interaction with them. Frontline workers can be anybody from doctors to first responders to waiters to store associates to delivery executives to warehouse employees. So, what’s all the fuss about these guys?

The main reason frontline workers are so valuable is that they have the ability to make or break your company. They have the power to reel in clients, create a lasting impression and also influence their overall experience.

In every industry today, frontline workers rely heavily on mobile devices to do their jobs. When these devices are left unmanaged, unsupervised, and unsecured, they make it difficult for frontline workers to put their best foot forward. Failure in device management reflects poorly on the company. It places strain on employees and IT staff which reflects on their performance, exposes the business network to potential vulnerabilities, deprives employees of productive work hours, and increases unwanted costs. All this can have a negative impact on the customer experience which may take years to rectify. 

Businesses expend their utmost attention on curating the perfect products and services while paying little to no attention to their frontline employees, which can nullify all of their efforts. Your frontline workers are directly associated with the product and the brand as a whole by your customers, so making smart choices for the management of your frontline employees and the devices that they carry can pay you in the long haul.

How Does CubiLock Empower Your Frontline Workers?

Effective Communication 

A frontline worker is rarely glued to a cubicle; most frontline workers are constantly on the move. Having an effective line of communication is vital to provide a collaborative environment for these remote workers. It helps with faster decision-making, fewer downtimes, and increased productivity. With rugged device management, you can send announcements and messages to a large number of recipients all at once and achieve just that. Businesses and organizations can use the broadcast message feature to reach out to a larger group of people at once. The message will be delivered as a standard instant message, and your frontline workers can stay updated, connected, and informed at all times  Unlike a text or chat room message, recipients cannot respond to broadcast messages. It is a one-way communication method that aids in the avoidance of unnecessary chats and long messages in favor of direct and to-the-point communication.

Along with that, it also provides secure communication platforms in order to share sensitive data and files. CubiLock configures message and email encryption, call barring, two-way VoIP calling, and password authentication policies on managed devices via the cloud console. It empowers remote workers and frontline workers on the field with constant connectivity to collaborate with their teams and real-time communication for undisrupted service.

Data & Device Security 

Your data goes where your employees go. The devices that are carried around need to be secured to protect from malicious hackers, viruses, malware, cybersecurity threats, network vulnerabilities, or simply the bad internet habits of your employees. CubiLock MDM’s tools like encryption, passcode policies, remote troubleshooting, remote data wipeout and Factory Reset Protection (FRP) can be valuable for businesses to tackle the security challenges that mobility brings. 

Android Kiosk Lockdown 

A mobile device with dedicated apps can transform your disorganized and chaotic communication with your field workers into a systematic and cohesive line of communication. You can restrict your field employees’ mobile devices from accessing certain enterprise apps and websites while blocking others with our Android Kiosk Mode. You can enable dedicated apps that enable real-time communication with employees via e-mails, instant messages, direct calls, or video calls and restrict access to any other apps. This way, you no longer have to micromanage your frontline workers and ensure that they are not spending their work hours using their mobile devices for personal use.

This provides managers with transparency and makes your field workers much more responsive. Your disgruntled employees will be grateful for dedicated apps that enable direct communication.

Real-Time Location

With the latest geofence technology, CubiLock allows you to track the whereabouts of your frontline employees right from the dashboard. You can access where the device goes and how long it spends in a place, you can also configure alerts and notifications when the device leaves a pre-determined area or route. 

IT admins can monitor and track vehicles on the go, make better route planning, make quick decisions, and save costs with real-time location tracking in place.

App Management

App management is the most fundamental feature of CubiLock that can be used to manage apps used by your field workers, such as Google Play Store apps or Enterprise apps. This is the method to use if you want to gain visibility into how your field workers use their apps, or if you need to remotely install, upgrade, or delete apps from field workers’ mobile phones.

CubiLock MDM also allows you to distribute apps to targeted devices on a scheduled basis using device profiles rather than as part of a group-wide setting, ensuring that each user has access to only what they require. This can aid in reducing system downtime due to app updates or simply create a streamlined device for better functionality and use.

Having a robust device management solution in place will save your business from the pitfalls of an unmanaged mobility implementation. Along with the aforementioned features, CubiLock allows you to bulk enroll your fleet of devices, whitelist websites, modify 100+ device settings, manage data controls, provide the real-time location, gain peripheral control, update OS, and so much more. Cubilock takes over all the hassle of IT, automates your device management, maximizes productivity, and encourages efficiency in the workplace. Getting started is easy, visit us to know more. 

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